In Trouble and In Wonder - A Spiritual Commentary on The Gospel of Thomas

In Trouble and In Wonder

by Lynn C. Bauman
$38.00 plus S & H

The full commentary of the Gospel of Thomas (Logion 1-114) is available with new indexes and other guidelines to help the serious seeker of this important, early Christian text. It is now understood that this collection of sayings found in Thomas’ Gospel is an early, oriental and independent stream that came from the communities that received the teaching of Yeshua through his student, Thomas. Because fifty percent of the sayings are new to us they afford us a fresh approach to the teachings of the wisdom Master. This commentary provides an in-depth examination of that wisdom stream. It is meant to provide support for both individuals and groups who seek a more complete understanding.

The entire text of the Gospel of Thomas is explored through this in-depth, spiritual commentary that looks not only at the historical-critical issues, but more importantly at the contribution that Thomas makes to the early wisdom traditions of Christianity, and particularly those streams of wisdom that flowed from the lips of Yeshua and his followers and East into the Oriental and Aramaic speaking worlds.

It is clear that Thomas the Apostle listened deeply to the words and wisdom of Yeshua and stored in his own memory those sayings that were of utmost importance to him. That independent oral collection was then carried into the lands and communities of the East which treasured the Thomas tradition all the way to India and China and influenced all the communities in-between from the Syrians to the Persians, and then including the Kingdoms of Northern and Southern India, Nepal and Tibet, and on into the western lands of China.

Yeshua’s wisdom is fresh and living, and comes to us anew through these sayings, half of which are new to western Christianity. Each Logion in this volume is supported not only by the commentary, but by questions for personal and group inquiry and reflection, as well as material across traditions which address the sapiential teachings of these sayings. The effect is a multi-layered hyper-text much in the same tradition of commentaries like the Talmud which allow multiple insights and interpretations to live side by side to encourage further exploration and reflection.

The Luminous Gospels: Thomas, Mary Magdalene, and Philip

Ancient Songs concise editionby Lynn C. Bauman, Ward J. Bauman, and Cynthia Bourgeault
Paperback (7"x9")

The extraordinary discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library and other early Christian documents over the last century has sparked a revolution of understanding. We can now imagine the possibility of moving from the Christian Gospel as dogmatic tradition about Jesus, to the teachings of Jesus as a wisdom tradition. That is truly "good news." These early texts give us another view, one that is luminous with insight. Open these pages and enter a new world of early perennial wisdon. As you enter their world, you are invited into a way of knowing that is essential for receiving the gift of wisdom.

Christosophic Poems - An Anthology of the Wisdom Jesus

Christosophic Poems

by Blake Burleson
$10.00 plus S & H

From thousands of poems that have spoken to the mystery of the wisdom Jesus here is an anthology selected by Blake Burleson with an accompanying commentary by Lynn Bauman. This anthology is based upon the sapiential teachings of Jesus found in the canonical Gospels and the recently discovered Gospel of Thomas. Each is a reflective poem, meant to be read and listened to in a deep contemplative space. These poems expand and extend our understanding for they are spoken from the hearts and minds of visionary poets who have taken the words of Jesus into their being in order that they too might see and understand him in new and living ways. Most of the poets have lived and spoken in the modern world, but some come from other eras and outside the Christian tradition. We offer this anthology as a guide for contemplative prayer and contemplative living to all wisdom seekers who value the sapiential teachings of Jesus.



Edited by Lynn Bauman

This resource for contemplative prayer is being made available for individuals in their private life of contemplative prayer, but more especially for leaders of contemplative prayer gatherings. In it are multiple sections with guidelines, instructions, templates and examples for the use of Acclamations, Chants, Prayers, Canticles, Liturgies of Morning and Evening Prayer and Eucharistic celebrations, and finally, a sections on Blessings. Each section contains extensive material collected and edited specifically for use among those who are experiencing and exploring the many dimensions of contemplative prayer. This and its companion volume Recitations are twin-wire spiral bound. The editor for this volume is Lynn C Bauman. Order directly from Praxis. $20.00.

A companion volume of sacred poetry as "private readings for public prayer" (Recitations) is also available for personal and corporate use. Order from Praxis. $20.00

Entempling: A Resource for Devotions and Quiet Times and gatherings for Contemplative Prayer


Edited and adapted by Blake Burleson and Michael Sciretti, Jr.

In recent years, Christians from diverse denominational backgrounds are employing forms of contemplative prayer in their reflections and devotions. Some Baptists are incorporating elements of these prayer forms into their collective and personal expressions of worship and study. This resource book, edited and adapted by Baptist ministers Blake Burleson and Michael Sciretti, Jr., includes prayers and meditations from Baptist theologians, writers, pastors, lay leaders, and social advocates which reflect a primary calling to a devotional, unitive, or transformative experience in the Divine Presence. The original writings have been edited and adapted for public reading in contemplative worship or for private reading for devotional quiet.

From John Bunyan to Roger Williams to Martin Luther King, Jr., these Baptist voices include American, Canadian, English, German, and South African men and women from the past four centuries. This resource is particularly anchored by five lesser-known Baptists: Gerrard Winstanley, Anne Dutton, Henry Alline, Muriel Lester, and Howard Thurman.

Themes of divine companionship and communion, the cultivation of an interior focus, and resting in the inner chamber of the heart are evident throughout the voices of these men and women. Using the Jewish Temple as a basic framework, the readings take one on an inward-outward journey through the movements of conversion, invocation, illumination, communion, and reconciliation. Included at the end are two templets for crafting a personal or corporate experience of contemplative prayer using readings from the book.

"The editors have plumbed a shimmering tradition and come up with a handful of spiritual jewels of various ages and hues. This book, which will find its place on many bedside tables, should be a helpful aid to persons of all denominations."
Harvey Cox,
Hollis Research Professor of Divinity,
Harvard University

"It has been suggested that for Baptists conversion is the end of the spiritual life. Burleson and Sciretti show that indeed conversion is the end—the front end. In this wonderful resource we are led by saints from the Baptist family on a pilgrimage that is contemplative and active as well as communal and personal. Those who join them will learn that though the spiritual journey may begin with conversion, it does not stop there."
Curtis W. Freeman,
Research Professor of Theology
Director of the Baptist House of Studies,
Duke University Divinity School

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