The Anglican Rosary was introduced to the Christian world through PRAXIS. Its use began in the context of contemplative prayer among Episcopalians searching for a new use of a venerable and respected form of Christian meditation. Since its inception, the original Anglican Rosary has been made by hand out of natural products and beautiful semi-precious stone coupled with the San Damiano Cross.

These beautifully crafted rosaries represent the eastern and western Christian traditions. The Orthodox using 100 beads is traditionally knotted with wool. Our rosaries, however are available in stone. The Anglican rosary is a new form in the western tradition which uses 33 beads in a cruciform pattern. The traditional Catholic rosary is traditionally made up of some 60 beads. Each rosary is hand crafted using materials which have a feel of permanence and integrity. Various kinds of stone are offered and may be specified in the order.

Stones: Color description: Prices:
Fancy Jasper - translucent, multi-colored (green, rose, amber)

Anglican Rosary - 33 beads - $25
Catholic Rosary - 60 beads - $50
Orthodox Prayer Beads - 100 beads - $75

Howlite - blue
Leopard Skin Jasper - earth tones  
Moss Agate - translucent sea-green  
Poppy Jasper - rust tones  

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