About us...

The Praxis Publishing House is a small company devoted to publishing wisdom texts for twenty-first century contemplative. It began several decades ago providing books and materials of interest to those who were on a wisdom path. It has continued to offer new titles and materials as resources for spiritual formation and contemplative living to women and men who are seeking the wisdom path.

Specifically we provide:

Resources which can be used as companions or guides for individuals and groups who are studying the contemplative wisdom tradition.

Texts, curricula, and materials for mentors and spiritual directors instructing individuals and groups in spiritual life within the Abrahamic stream of spiritual tradition.

Articles and information about early Christianity streaming from the wisdom teachings of Yeshua.

Manuals for individuals and groups designed to support their daily or periodic gatherings for contemplative practice.

Many of the texts published by us are specific to the search for contemplative wisdom as it relates to early Christianity. Others provide alternative ways of seeing and practice for contemporary Christians in their personal life and thought and practice. Specific to our focus has been texts that relate to the finding of ancient early Christian documents that are part of the stream of early Christianity that flowed East into the Christian Orient. These texts provide translations and commentaries that expand and extend our modern understanding of the sapiential tradition streaming from the life and teaching of Yeshua.

Based upon these texts, discovered and translated in the last century, new and alternative forms of spiritual life have sprung up in our world today. These need to be nourished by wisdom texts assisting the life of individual seekers and groups to support their spiritual search. A number of our texts are manuals of praxis and study guides devoted to assist in this search. Some of this material is available as standard hard copy texts and publications. Others are provided electronically as *.pdf files.

About our name and logo
Praxis is a Greek word meaning practice. It is used to signify that spiritual truth can only be fully learned as a form of wisdom, through experience, which engages the totality of our being; body, soul, and spirit. Praxis (or practice) takes truth from merely a conceptual idea to a practical and intuitive level of understanding where we might know it with the whole of our being.

Our logo expresses the multi-dimensional nature of reality aligned along the vertical and horizontal axes. The ancients spoke of spiritual experience as helikos tropon, in the manner of a spiral. This expressed the dynamic nature of the spiritual journey. Nothing about our experience is simply linear. It is always a complexity involving cycles of return, growth towards a goal, and relative levels of development. The fact is, as Christians we spiral through spiritual space and time on the spiritual path. All of this we have attempted to express both in our logo and, more specifically, in our materials.