A subscription of contemplative readings, meditations and images that blends what we are calling “Visio Divina” (a mandala like gaze at iconic images) with Lectio Divina, the heart’s listening to and contemplation of sacred texts and questions for reflection and inquiry. Think of this as a virtual or imaginal Breviary—a prayer book for wisdom seekers distributed to your inbox. Each month we will send at least three and usually four complete meditations for your use in contemplative prayer. You would treat it like any other reading and prayer form with sacred texts and icons, but these would be virtual and organized around particular mediations with many dimensions. Perhaps you would want to work with one meditation of the Breviary per week, and sit with the readings, gaze on the image(s), and respond deeply to the questions using personal forms of meditation and journaling until your own eye, heart and mind became illumined. In this way the Breviary would become a kind of monthly GPS (spiritual guidance system for your life and contemplative path). The subscription is $10 per month with 3, 6 and 12 month packages available.

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