Songs of Presence - Contemplative Chants for the New Millenium
A Learning CD

produced by PRAXIS and All Saints Episcopal Church
Comes with booklet insert with words and description of each chant.
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PRAXIS and the choir of All Saints' Episcopal Church in Corpus Christi, Texas have created a learning CD of twenty-seven contemplative chants. Each chant is presented first as a simple melody, and then voices and parts are added to demonstrate how each chant can be expanded.

Chants include the following:

In the Name of the Holy One
Abba, Jesu, Spiritus
Elah Elohim
Holy, Holy, Holy One
Shema Israel
Leave All Things
I Am the Way
Slowly Blooms the Rose Within
Nai Kyrie
Deus de Deo
To Whom Shall We Go
The Jesus Prayer
The Aramaic Lord's Prayer
Offering of Incense
Jesus said...
There is Nothing but God
Dwell in the Shelter of the Most High
O Sacred Three
All Shall Be Well
Be Still and Know